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Which Methods for Which Body Parts

Choosing a method of Permanent Hair removal depends on how much hair you want to remove and where on the body the hair is growing. Laser and Electrolysis are frequently chosen for areas of very sensitive skin and for areas that are frequently visible to others. Understandably, faces, legs and backs are the most popular areas chosen for permanent hair removal. These two methods work well when targeting areas of sparse hair, like out-of-bounds pubic hair that is growing toward or near the belly button, or patches of back or shoulder hair that spring up in discreet areas. This is because both techniques target individual hair follicles, requiring the technician to locate and focus the mechanism on each hair, one at a time, actually counting the hairs they remove. Counting hairs also helps track how well and how quickly the hair follicles are actually dying.

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Permanent Hair Removal

Welome to Permanent Hair Removal! Permanent Hair Removal strives to provide the best information on various permanent hair removal techniques. Laser hair removal is a technique that has become popular nationwide, and many providers of laser hair removal are available throughout the U.S.

We have a variety of articles meant to answer your questions about permanent hair removal. Hopefully, you will get all the answers you need right here, so that you feel comfortable moving forward with any decision you make with regard to permanent hair removal and laser hair removal.


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